SERPed Features

Keyword Research Tools

The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool For Niche Marketers (With Revenue Calculator)

Keyword research is of paramount importance; in fact it could well be the most important aspect when it comes to ranking and the end goal 'monetizing'. That's why we created our very own advanced keyword research tool.

With this tool, all you need to do is to enter a keyword and hundreds of keyword ideas will be generated in just a few seconds, with their respective monthly search volume, CPC, traffic value, competition level, number of results in Google and trend graphs. This top-of-the-line keyword research tool is designed to save you hours of work by finding terms other tools don't...

'Ultimate Research' even allows you to search for related domains, find related long tail keywords and calculate revenues, with the push of a button. The revenue calculator allows you to easily calculate the number of visitors you can expect every month, sales revenues as well as Google AdSense revenues. And yes, all of this is included in your membership.

One of the benefits of an All-in-One solution is that the tools tie together. In 1 click you can use the 'Competition Analyzer' tool we just told you about for any keyword in the returned results, allowing for time saving, streamlined keyword selection!

Find What Keywords Your Own Sites &
The Sites of Your Competitors Rank
For in Seconds!

This tool analyzes the top results of Google and Bing for you and tells you what keywords the sites you want to track rank for. With 'What Ranks Where', you can find what terms your competitors target and rank for in just a few clicks. Imagine doing this manually...

You would first have to figure out what keywords they target, then perform searches to see where they rank... With 'What Ranks Where' it is all automated, in seconds. Don't know what terms to rank your sites or your client sites for? Simply find out what your top competitors or industry leaders rank for and you instantly have a 'blueprint' for your link building.

POS - Current Position in Google
PRPRO - Previous Position in Google
PODF - Position Difference
SVOL - Average Monthly Searches
Many Many More...

Analyze Your Competitors With The Push of a Button & Discover How to
Outrank Them For Any Keyword!

Find who your top competitors are, what factors influence their rankings and how hard it would be to outrank them, in just a few minutes... With 'Competition Analyzer', you can easily find what keywords you can rank for and avoid overly competitive niches.
Our tool provides you with search volumes, trends, related searches, CPC's, proprietary competition scores and more...
It's now super easy for you to analyze your competitors and save hours of boring work!

If you currently don't check how tough it is to rank for certain keywords, and what plan of attack you would need, you are destined to waste a lot of time, effort and money when you could have targeted slightly different terms for a much better outcome. Our tool gathers data from Google, Moz, Alexa, DMOZ and several other sources in just a few seconds. Imagine doing this yourself manually...
You would spend hours doing this and your IP address would probably get blocked!

Discover Thousands of 'Hidden', Untapped
Keywords in Minutes, With Just a Few Clicks

This has become common knowledge... Long tail keywords are much easier to rank for than 1 word keywords. The level of competition is generally much lower, and they are often more targeted, meaning people are more likely to click your link in the search engine results, read your content and buy from you. That's why we decided to create a tool that allows you to find tons of long tail keywords with ease.

With our 'Long Tail Keywords' tool, you can access hundreds, if not thousands of 'hidden', untapped keywords, in just a few clicks.
All you need to do is to type in a keyword, select a database:

Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay

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Domain Research

Find The Strongest Aged Domains For Sale & Build a Powerful Private Blog Network

Find, analyze and acquire the strongest aged domains available for sale in ANY niche in just a few minutes... Finding expiring domains isn't hard, but analyzing them can be very time-consuming... If you forget to check a metric, you are putting yourself at risk of buying a poor quality domain that might lose its link juice or, even worse, get de-indexed before long. If there is a problem with the domain, you will see it right away, thanks to the 'Trust Ratio', which is a simple yet very useful formula based on the Majestic 'Trust Flow' and 'Citation Flow'. With, what would normally take hours of boring work would just take a couple of minutes...

It's time to cancel your other domain finding subscriptions as offers the best aged domain finding tool on the market, with fresh aged domains added as they become available. If you don't use any tool like this to find aged domains and build a private blog network, it's time to get started, as aged domains with strong link juice are the best links you can control yourself and with our 'Aged Domain Finder' tool, you will have the ability to choose between millions of expiring domains.

Instantly Grab The Top Expiring Domains in Your Niche, We Do The Hard Work For You…

Imagine being able to get the top expiring domains in your niche before anyone else? This tool selects the very best aged domains available for sale for you. We scan for the very best metrics on domains expiring within the next 72 hours and present them to you. These domains will help you build a powerful Private Blog Network that you can use to build high quality links and skyrocket your search engine rankings, whether this is for your own sites or the sites of your clients.This tool also works great for choosing domains to start building a new niche site on, as they already have amazing metrics that can save you years if you were starting a brand new site.

This is many of our members favourite tool as they get notified whenever new domains meet their criteria and simply have to check through a few potential domains when they have time, and can relax in the fact that they are only seeing the 'crème de la crème'

Find Thousands of High Quality Domains With Backlinks From The Most Trusted Sites in The World...

Expired Scraper' is a powerful scraping tool that finds thousands of high quality domains with backlinks from the most trusted sites in the world, and available for registration.

With 'Expired Scraper', all you need to do is to enter a site (if you don't have any ideas, you can browse the provided list of top sites by country and category) and let the tool do its magic... Come back 15 minutes later, and you will see a list of available domains the site links to, with all the most important metrics: Moz Rank, Moz Domain Authority, Moz Backlinks, Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Trust Flow... You can of course order these domains by metric, and register them in just a few clicks, with the registrar of your choice.

The best part is... All available domains go to the public pool after 3 days (72 hours), meaning that even if you reached your limit of daily or monthly searches, you can still find high quality domains. You can filter these domains by niche, and also set up filters, so you can be notified by email when domains meeting your criteria are added to the pool.

Metrics For Thousands of The Highest Quality Domains & Websites on The Top Marketplaces!

'Auction Master' is a tool that helps you find high quality domains and websites for sale on the top marketplaces, including Flippa, Digital Point, Free Market and After Market. This tool was built to help you find domains for your money sites, clients, next big business projects or even domains for your Private Blog Networks (PBNs).

In short, 'Auction Master' visits the top marketplaces, finds all domains and websites on auction and lists them in a user-friendly table, with all the vital metrics: Moz Rank, Moz Domain Authority, Moz Backlinks, Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Backlinks...

Imagine... The hours, days, even weeks it would take to scan all these marketplaces (every day) looking for domains, then checking their metrics manually yourself, one by one. It is for this very reason that almost no one uses this method to find domains, and why you can now take advantage of some of the best domains in the world!

Analyze Any Domain In-Depth With The Click of a Mouse
(http://www. vs. http:// lets you analyze any domain in seconds. With 'Site Explorer', all you need to do is to enter a URL and the tool will pull data from 3 different sources: SERPed, Moz and Majestic. This is a huge time saver, whether you want to analyze your own sites, the sites of your clients, the sites of your competitors or aged domains you are considering buying for your Private Blog Network. We even created our own score - the 'SERPed Rank' - designed to provide you with something a bit different from Moz and Majestic. We base this score on if the site or URL had hard work put into it, so you can see see a 'loved' site from a 'dormant and uncared for' site.

We use this tool ourselves every day as we find it the fastest and most powerful way to quickly see a domains metrics and if it is worth perusing or not. Did you know that Google treats http://www. and http:// differently? Do you know which version of your site has the most powerful links and best metrics in Google's eyes? 'Site Explorer' checks both versions for you and shows you the results in an easy-to-understand way so you can see which version of the domain is stronger... You just can't go wrong with the SERPed 'Site Explorer' tool!

Find The Best 'Hacked' & Related Domains
- More Than 120 TLDs Checked!

Are you tired of spending hours checking if the domains you would like to register are available or not? And let me guess... They are all taken already, am I right? There are hundreds of millions of people doing business online all around the world. No wonder why all the best domains are already taken. Well, in reality, there are plenty of great domains available to register, and 'Domain Hacker' will help you find them, in just a few seconds.

With 'Domain Hacker', all you need to do is to enter a few words and click a button, and what the tool will do is ask all the best domain registrars (so you don't have to) to know which domains are available and which ones aren't. It will not just check if the .com, .net and .org extensions are available for registration, but over 120 extensions, so you can find awesome domains no one has ever thought registering.

The best part is... 'Domain Hacker' will break up your words and find alternatives for you. For example, if you enter 'articles' as a word, it will suggest,, and many other extensions, but also and even,, and many more. Let 'Domain Hacker' help you find the domains of your dreams!

Discover Keyword-Rich Exact Match
Domains With Search Volume For
Any City or Country…

Enter a few keywords and will reach the domain registry and tell you what domains are available. This tool even comes with lists of cities and states so you don't have to enter them manually. We made it super easy for you! You will have registered the best exact match domains before your competitors will even think about them. You can use these domains to create niche sites, client sites, or you can resell them and make a profit...

Imagine being able to type in 1 word, choose a country and hit search, our system then goes to check all available domains and then checks the monthly search volume on the available ones, presenting you with a report for domains you can register right away and start using!

We have members who use this tool daily to find killer 'service' domains in their area (doctor, dentist etc.) and register them, rank them quickly and easily because they are exact match domains in a specific area, the competition is low, and then rent these sites to clients. Imagine how easy it is to get a client to buy your leads when you already rank top for terms that get real searches every day!

Analyze Your Competitors With Ease & Quickly See How You Compare to Them

To beat your competitors, you must first know how strong or weak they are and what they are doing. With 'Bulk URL Analyzer', you can analyze multiple URLs at once (your own sites, the sites of your clients, the sites of your competitors, aged domains you are considering buying...) and compare their PageRank, domain age, Alexa rank, number of pages indexed in Google, number of social signals, Moz Rank, Moz Domain Authority, number of links, number of dofollow links, number of nofollow links, number of .gov links, number of .edu links... On Auto-Pilot, in just a few seconds.

Doing this yourself would take you hours of work... A lot of people don't do it at all, because it's too time-consuming. This is a huge mistake and can be a lot easier if you have access to the right tool! Another powerful use for the 'Bulk URL Analyzer' that we use it for every day is buying quality aged domains. We find sites selling domains, or brokers with lists of domains, and we simply paste them into the 'Bulk URL Analyzer' tool, 20 at a time, to see at a glance which have great potential, and which are junk. This is a super fast way to avoid wasting money on junk domains, and save hours of research time too.

Deep Analysis of The Backlinks Pointing to Any Domain

If you buy aged domains, for your Private Network, client or new niche sites, you will LOVE this tool... When you are searching for aged domains, you look at their statistics, right? Their PageRank, age, Ahrefs Domain Rank, Moz Domain Authority... That's great, but it still doesn't completely protect you from buying weak domains. What if the statistics are not up-to-date? What if all the best backlinks have just been removed? These statistics are also easy to 'inflate' creating a bunch of non-related backlinks.What you need to look at is the backlink profile of each domain you are considering buying. Imagine a tool that analyzes the statistics of their backlinks... Imagine being able to see their PageRank, Ahrefs Rank, Ahrefs Domain Rank, IP address and more... That's exactly what 'Backlinks Explorer' does! This tool doesn't just analyze domains, but backlinks too, so you can see if the statistics are in accordance with the reality.

'Backlinks Explorer' provides you with a PageRank breakdown, domain age breakdown, Alexa Rank breakdown, B-Class IP breakdown, C-Class IP breakdown, list of links and anchor text cloud. You can even order links by Ahrefs Rank, Ahrefs Domain Rank, PageRank, domain age, Moz Page Authority, Moz Domain Authority, IP address and so on, which makes it very easy for you to see what the strongest links are and if they are likely to stay or not. With 'Backlinks Explorer', you can easily see how strong or weak a domain is, from behind the scenes. You will never buy a weak domain again.

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Site Management

The Ultimate CMS for SEO's! Manage ALL Your Sites
From a SINGLE, User-Friendly Interface.

Get rid of the spreadsheets, comes with an all-in-one solution to manage all your sites without hassle: your own sites, the sites of your clients... You will be able to keep track of all your posts, pages and links. Write notes, setup tasks with email reminders, check the status of your links: if they can be found, if they are indexed in Google or not, what anchor text they use, etc. Everything, from a SINGLE interface, enter it once, and get automated updates on Link Status.We automatically pull all the stats for not just your sites, but also you inner pages too. We constantly update this data for you to ensure everything is running as it is meant to.

We also spider all the inner links of your site to present you with your 'internal link profile' so you can see what % of keywords are being used and what pages link where. This is an often forgotten aspect for SEO's, the 'on site inner linking' is a vital component and with CMS Site Manager, you can see all that with a click of a button.

We also pull all your backlinks too, and show you your external backlink profile, anchor text cloud and update it for you. This allows you to be sure your backlink profile is clean, with high quality links and a good, diverse anchor profile. You can add your top 3 competitors and in an instant see how you compare across many metrics with our colour coded comparison charts that are updated regularly for you, as well as getting advise on your site with everything from speed, to on site optimization tips, custom tailored for your website.

If you want to handle a lot of clients, or a lot of niche sites, you need to be organized, 99% of online business owners have no CMS, the ones who do use complex systems that are a pain to manually update. Not when you join SERPed… A highly Automated CMS solution to ensure you can handle 10 times the clients, without breaking a sweat!

Easily Track & Manage Your Backlinks... With SEO Metrics, Index Status & More

Do you know if all your backlinks are active and indexed in Google? Do you know whether they are dofollow or nofollow? Do you know what anchor text they use? Well, that's exactly what 'Backlinks Manager' helps you find out, without any work required from you.

With 'Backlinks Manager', all you need to do is to add your backlinks, and the system will add them to a user-friendly table where you will be able to see the date you added the link, the URL, the anchor text, the Moz Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority, the numbers of inbound and outbound links, the number of social signals, whether it's a dofollow or nofollow link, whether it's indexed in Google or not, whether it's active or not found and the location of the link (country).You will also be able to see the anchor cloud, Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority breakdowns and numbers of referring domains per B-Class and C-Class IPs...

All of this information is automatically updated. Imagine doing this yourself, in an Excel spreadsheet... It would take you hours of boring work to just create the spreadsheet, and then at least 1 hour per week to update it. 'Backlinks Manager' will save you hours of boring work every month.

Track Any of Your Sites, Get Key Insights
Without The Use of Google Analytics

Tracking your or your client's sites traffic and conversions is vital. You need to know where the traffic is coming from, how much traffic a site is getting and a client wants to see that info to. Our tools make it easy to present your clients (or for your own sites) all the data in a couple of clicks.

Maybe you already use a Web analytics tool like Google Analytics? Are you comfortable giving Google full access to your site? What happens if you have multiple sites that you don't really want tied all to you? A lot people in our industry do this...

What prevents them from using this information against you? Better be safe than sorry and use a Web analytics tool that is not related to Google in any way. All you do is paste in some code on your site and you're set.

Receive Instant Notifications When Your
Sites Are Down With Full Reporting

Our uptime monitoring system will notify you by email and internal notification whenever one of your sites is down. Adding a URL only takes a few seconds... the system will check the status of your site from several places, so if it tells you it's down, you can be sure this is not a false alert! There are companies out there that charge up to $100 per month and sometimes more for this feature alone... With, you get it included in your membership, at no extra cost.

Site downtime can negatively affect your rankings, income and upset your visitors or hurt your brand. 'Uptime Monitor' will help you reduce any downtime and increase your profitability. You just can't afford to let your site go down too often... Every time it goes down, you should contact your Web hosting provider. A lot of them guarantee a 99% uptime. We had a member email us to thank us for this system, saying they got a full month of hosting credited back to them simply by sending in the 'site down' reports we provide you. Show them they are wrong and they will maybe upgrade your hardware or offer you a discount or credit you a month free, as they did for the customer that contacted us.

Manage The Finances of ALL Your
Projects Without Hassle

Keeping your accounting records up to date isn't fun, right? It can actually be a distraction from your real mission... Worse still, you choose to do no accounting at all and never know which sites are making a profit and which are losing you money.

This is why we created 'Cashflow Manager', a simple yet effective solution to manage the finances of all your projects: income, expenses, assets, debts... With this solution, every time you receive a payment or make a purchase, a few clicks are enough to update your accounts. We made it super simple so you don't have to spend hours on your accounting yet can gain crucial insights from your statements.

'Cashflow Manager' provides you with easy-to-read tables, graphs and more. It even lets you create reports (CSV or PDF) that you can easily print. This is the quickest and easiest way to manage the finances of all your projects. 'Cashflow Manager' does all the hard work for you. Imagine how much time you could save every week, every month, every year...

Without the complexities of full accounting, but breaking it down into each niche site or client, 'Cashflow Manager' allows you to quickly see where you should focus more attention and where you might need to cut your losses. The biggest killer of businesses is lack of cashflow, don't be one of them, know exactly what is going on with each site, in a simple overview.

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Rank Tracking

Track The Search Engine Rankings of
ANY Page From Multiple Locations in
Google, Yahoo! & Bing comes with a module called 'Rank Tracking', which contains cutting-edge rank tracking tools to cover any circumstance. We understand that rank tracking is not a 'one shoe fits all' requirement, so with this in mind, we built the most powerful and flexible tracking tools on the market. These tools allow you to track local rankings (by city or zip) for multiple locations, or Country rankings (where your site ranks in different countries). This updates as often as you choose it to. We have also created a manual-checking tool that allows you to get rankings for any URL or site, fast. You will be notified when the results are ready so you can always know exactly where your, and your competitors' sites stand.

'Rank Tracker' provides you with detailed tables and historical graphs so you can see where the pages rank in the search engines for the keywords of your choice and how their rankings evolve over time. This tool is priceless, because it also lets you track the rankings of your competitors alongside your rankings, so you can easily compare and see your progress against theirs.

'Rank Tracker' also provides you with statistics about your links and social signals (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). It's one of the best, if not the best, rank tracking tool on the Internet. Seriously... It's super easy to use, it allows you maximum flexibility, and you can even receive email reports each update. We know that this tool is so good it should be a standalone with a high monthly fee, but in our endeavour to provide the ultimate suite of tools to manage your full SEO business, we simply had to dedicate a lot of resources to building the best rank tracking solution online!

Quick Check

Would you like to check your search engine rankings right now? No problem. comes with a tool that allows you to check your rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing fast. All you need to do is to enter your keywords (up to 25 per check), enter your URL, select the search engine(s), choose how quick you want the results to be delivered and... That's it!
You have the choice between having the results delivered within the next few minutes if you are in a rush, or within the next few hours if you are not in such a rush

It is important to note that this tool is in addition to 'Rank Tracker', which is used for regular rank monitoring for your sites. With 'Quick Check', you can check any domain for any keywords.

'Quick Check' can be useful in plenty of situations. Imagine Google just released an algorithm update and you want to know if it had an impact on main your rankings... Imagine you are on the phone with a client, and he asks you where his site ranks for a bunch of new keywords now...
Imagine you are considering entering a new niche but want to quickly see how well main competitors rank before you make a decision... That's where 'Quick Check' comes in! These are just a few examples, there are plenty more situations where this tool will be useful.

YouTube Tracker

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world? Well, lets you track the rankings of your YouTube videos, so you can see their progress over time. Nothing prevents you from tracking the rankings of your competitors too, so you know what can be done to outrank them. If the rankings of your competitors skyrocket, you might want to check what they have put on their video pages and how they promoted them.

Easily Track Your Amazon Rankings & Analyze Your Competition in Just a Few Clicks

Amazon is the largest shopping engine on the planet opening up a world of hundreds of millions of buyers who could potentially be buying your (or your clients') products. Amazon has its own search engine, much like Google, where people go to find products and generally the top returned results are the ones that see clicks and sales. Ranking well in Amazon is vital for the success of your product, and can be the difference between a sale a week and hundreds a day!

'Amazon Tracker' allows you to track your Amazon rankings with ease. All you need to do is to add your (or your clients') products and the keywords you want to track and... That's it. 'Amazon Tracker' takes care of the rest. Our tool will provide you with detailed tables and historical graphs so you can see where the products rank in Amazon for the keywords you added and how their rankings evolve over time.

There is even an add-on that allows you to easily analyze your competition. If you use this add-on, you will be able to see what title they use for their product, their sales rank, what category they placed their product in, as well as their Moz and Social metrics. If you or your clients have products on Amazon, 'Amazon Tracker' is a must!

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Client Acquisition

Easy-to-Use, Powerful SEO
Lead-Grabbing System can even help you with client acquisition! Our suite of SEO tools indeed comes with the insanely powerful 'Site Auditor Pro', which is a tool that allows you to create audit forms that you can embed anywhere you want and provide users with detailed SEO reports. In other words, it's a client lead magnet that will bring in new business for your SEO company.

Do you know how much our competitors charge for this kind of tool? Between $50 and $200 per month. Well, you can go with any of them and pay up $2,400 per year for this kind of tool, or you can decide to go with us and have this tool included in your membership, at no extra cost! 'Site Auditor Pro' is the most powerful, most flexible SEO audit tool on the market. Period.

With 'Site Auditor Pro', you can customize your reports, with your logo and contact details, as well as your audit forms and emails. All your leads will be saved for you, but you can also add your autoresponder details, so they are automatically sent to your autoresponder system. 'Site Auditor Pro' integrates with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Ontraport, SendReach and Infusionsoft.

This is a 100% white-label solution that provides a stunning site audit report for your leads in 60 seconds covered in your company branding! This tool will help you take your SEO business to the next level in no time.

You can send the audit form to local businesses you know, or set up Facebook ad campaigns to drive quality prospects into your follow-up system. This is up to you! 'Site Auditor Pro' was designed to give you maximum flexibility. Everything was done to help you generate SEO leads and convert them into great, high-value clients.

Few of our Awesome Statistics

Reports Ran

Leads Rising Every Day

Site Auditor Pro Integrations

Sites Checked

Conversion Percent

Find Hundreds of Local Citation Opportunities
With Citation Scanner (For Yourself,
Your Clients & Your Prospects)

'Citation Scanner' offers you a quick and easy way to find hundreds of local citation opportunities, for yourself, your clients and your prospects. This is the perfect tool to help you get new local SEO clients.

In short, 'Citation Scanner' scans local citation sources, finds out where your business is already listed, and where it isn't, and shows you hundreds of local citation opportunities, so you can create new listings and increase your local rankings. Searching for local citation opportunities yourself would take you days of tedious work. With our tool, you will be able to see where any local business is listed, and where it isn't, in just a few clicks.

If you run an SEO business, chances are several of your clients are local businesses, who could do with better local rankings... Well, 'Citation Scanner' will help you get the extra local citations they need to rank higher locally. Now imagine showing up to a meeting with a potential client with a huge list of local citation opportunities... What would their reaction be? You've pretty much done all the work already. All you need to do now is lend them your pen to sign the contract. 'Citation Scanner' could be a real game changer for you!

Embed Review Badges, Increase Social
Proof & Get More Reviews

'Review Badges' is a powerful, yet simple tool that allows you to embed badges that link to citation sources on your clients' sites, to help them increase their social proof and get more reviews. This tool is awesome, whether you want to provide additional value to existing clients, or use it as a lead generation tool, to show your prospects how you can help them grow their business.

With 'Review Badges', all you need to do is to copy a small piece of code and paste it on your client's site, to provide links to any citation sources where reviews can be left and read. This system also allows you to subtly add a link back to your own website (as a service provider, for example) for SEO benefits and referral traffic.

Setting up 'Review Badges' on a client's site will take you less than 5 minutes, and will help their business increase their social proof and get more reviews, which can help them rank higher in the search engines, both locally and globally. The more reviews a business has, the more chances it has to get top rankings. A larger amount of reviews will also increase your clients' conversion rate, ensuring more income generated as a direct result of your SEO efforts.

Find Thousands of Non Mobile-Friendly Websites With
The Push of a Button & Cash in on Mobilegeddon

Google has been recommending webmasters prepare for mobile for years. The number of mobile Internet users has boomed, and Google wants them to have the best experience possible. This is why mobile usability has been a ranking factor for some time. Google took this to the next level with Mobilegeedon, which is an algorithm update that had a significant impact in their search results. Just as a reminder, around 50% of all visits to sites are from mobile devices...

With 'Mobile Prospector', all you need to do is to enter a keyword (any keyword, in any country supported by Google). The tool will then scan Google's top results for that keyword and chetck if the websites are mobile-friendly or not.
Select the ones that are not and compile a report (the contact details of the website owners will be automatically added to the report, when available). Don't worry, we've made it super easy for you.

Once you have a list of websites that are not mobile-friendly, you can bulk email their respective owners and offer them your services. Simple, right? Make sure you tell them about Mobilegeddon and its consequences on their rankings. Send them a solid proposal and wait for the phone to ring...If you don't know how to make a website mobile-friendly, don't worry... We've got you covered! We will recommend you a killer service that turns any website into a mobile-friendly website. This is a paid service, but is worth every single penny. You can charge your clients a little more to cover the costs and if they stop paying, you simply cancel the service and their site drops like a rock in search results.

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Done For You

Team up With Other Members to Achieve Your SEO Goals
Faster (Reviews, Ratings, Comments...)

'Social Exchanger' is a tool that brings all members together and allows them to help each other by exchanging social actions including but not limited to: Reviews & Ratings (Amazon product reviews, Google local business reviews), Comments (YouTube comments, FourSquare comments), Questions (Amazon questions), Connect (like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter account), Simple Actions (share/like a Facebook post, tweet/retweet a message) and more. The idea behind 'Social Exchanger' is to team up with other members to achieve your goals. In short, you perform tasks other members created, so you earn points and can create your own tasks that other will perform.

This is pretty much a de-regulated marketplace. It is only limited by your imagination. We also created leaderboards, so the members who created the most tasks and performed the most actions win prizes. We offer monthly prizes, as well as yearly prizes.'Social Exchanger' will help you reach your SEO goals faster with the help of like-minded members. Remember, you can create pretty much any task you want.

Other Tools

Spintax Checker

If you spin content, even just occasionally, 'Spintax Checker' is a must-have... If there is an error in your spintax, like a missing bracket, you could 15 minutes or even more trying to find it. We're telling you from personal experience... Not being able to find a spintax error can be very frustrating. Well, this tool instantly checks your spintax and makes sure it is completely error-free!

Grammar Checker

Google can check the level of quality of your content. They can find grammar errors and misspellings and can tell if an article was written by a real person or is just gibberish. Well, with 'Grammar Checker', you can quickly find and fix grammar errors and misspellings, so your site is not penalized for having too much poorly written content. This will only take you a few seconds and you won't have to worry about having potentially poorly written content on your site.

Copyscape-Friendly Curated Content Automatically Published on Your Sites

With 'Content Curator', all you need to do is to enter a topic and the tool will generate content that passes Copyscape for you. The best part is... This content can be automatically published on your WordPress sites, so you can just sit back and relax. This is perfect to feed your Private Blog Network or even niche sites with new content. The content is scraped and spun, but you have the chance to edit it as you like.

For niche sites, we have members that use this as a base to get going, and then use our real time editor to make changes and present it as they like before hitting 'publish'. This is a great time saver if you're not sure what to write about, as you only need to edit and fix up the content that is curated for you.Google loves fresh content and they are known to reward sites that receive fresh content on a regular basis. This is the quickest and easiest way to get plenty of unique content (with images and videos) published on your sites... Are you ready to leverage the power of content curation?

Restore 'Old' Content in Just a Few
Clicks & Save Hours of Work

'Content Restorer' is a tool that allows you to recover lost websites with ease. Imagine you lost all the content of a website, or would like to restore the content of an expired domain you acquired... Well, there is a way to restore everything, in just a few clicks! 'Content Restorer' digs into the archive of the Internet, downloads all the files it can find and send them to you in the form of a ZIP file. Then, all you need to do is upload the ZIP file, unzip it and... That's it!

'Content Restorer' digs 3 levels deep of pages (the 1st level being the homepage) and downloads hundreds of files: HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript files, images, PDFs... Up to 500 per file type. Our main competitor charges up to $15 per website. Well... With, it's included in your membership. This is by far the easiest, most affordable way to restore the content of any lost website. 'Content Restorer' takes care of everything for you. There is absolutely no manual work involved.

Manage All Your Daily Tasks, Backlinks &
Notes With Ease. Never miss a task
or deadline again

With 'Global Manager', you can manage all your daily tasks, backlinks and notes from a single place. This tool comes with a 'Task Manager' (calendar view and list view) to help you organize your daily tasks and become more productive. You can even create repeat tasks and be reminded when tasks are due, so you don't miss any. We use 'Global Manager' ourselves, so you can be sure it comes with everything you need to manage projects online...

All tools tie into the internal notification system, this one is no different, allowing you to see in an instant what is being worked on, or still needs to be done. 'Global Manager' also comes with 'Backlinks Manager', which is a tool that allows you to track your links with ease: to see if they are active or not, if they are indexed in Google or not, what anchor text they use, the PR of the page they are on (homepage of the site and actual page they are on), if they are dofollow or nofollow, etc.

Backlinks manager sounds complicated because it provides you with so much information, but that is the beauty of this module! All you need to do is enter in the backlink, and our system handles all the rest for you, updating all the key metrics automatically, allowing you to see exactly what is going on with your main backlinks, at any time, all on Auto-Pilot.

Receive Email & Notification Alerts When
a Task is Due, a Site is Down or
rankings updated comes with an email and notification alert system, so you can receive an email and/or an internal notification alert whenever a task you created in 'Task Manager' is due, a site you added to 'Uptime Monitor' is down for more than 5 minutes, a new 'Rank Tracker' or 'YouTube Tracker' weekly report is available... You will never miss a thing and become more productive overnight! (You of course have the option to turn them off if you don't like to receive notifications...)

The whole system works internally, allowing you full flexibility, minimal distraction and remain on top of all the happenings around the tools for your sites and projects.

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