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In-depth analysis of any domain

Input any website on Site Explorer to uncover detailed data on tens of SEO parameters for that domain.

Site Explorer pulls data from multiple sources, including industry-leading providers Moz and Majestic by directly linking to their API, saving your subscription costs for multiple tools.

Research and analyze backlinks for any website, whether it is your own, a client's or a competitor's website.

With Site Explorer you can segment and analyze backlinks based on multiple parameters, spot backlink opportunities or spam links that need to be disavowed.

The comprehensive analysis includes Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and more data points.

Our proprietary SERPed Rank provides you with additional data that indicate the overall quality of a website by combining and analyzing multiple parameters.

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Get metrics and other data from multiple sources in one place:

  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • SERPed
  • Similarweb

Site Explorer is an all-inclusive tool for quickly checking any website's metrics, backlink profile and anchor profile.

Compare the metrics of multiple URLs simultaneously

Bulk URL Analyzer helps you discover, analyze and compare detailed metrics for up to 40 URLs at the same time.

Easily compare your website to your competitors' to uncover why they may rank higher than you in Google and other search engines.

Considering purchasing one or multiple domains? Quickly see which ones are worth investigating further and which ones aren't. Bulk URL Analyzer is a huge time and money saver!

Compare Moz and Majestic metrics, the number of inbound links, the number of referring IPs, the number of social signals, Similarweb rank, Google index status, SERPed Rank, domain age and more for each domain.

Get metrics and other data from:

  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • SERPed
  • Similarweb
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Discover metrics for different variations of the domains for example with www. or without to see which version has more authority.

Bulk URL Analyzer provides you with a wealth of information, in just a few seconds.

Find local citation opportunities for your clients

Competitor Citations is a tool that allows you to compare the citations of any local business listed on Google My Business against their top competitors. This means you might find sites or directories where top competitors are listed and where you or your client’s local business isn't.

The idea behind this tool is to help you find out where you should get listed, for more exposure, better local rankings, and ultimately more business.

Competitor Citations scans a large number of directories and platforms to find out where the Top 5 local businesses in Google’s local results are listed, for example:

Better Business Bureau:

  • Trip Advisor
  • Booking
  • Yelp
  • Glass Door
  • Super Pages
  • Yellow Pages
  • ...and hundreds more
Competitor Citations Illustration

Competitor Citations is a great tool for helping clients gain more visibility and can save you hours of tedious work doing the searches manually.

Compare any business listed in Google My Business with its main competitors and help them find local citations they are missing in popular or relevant directories.

Audit any site, any time

With SEO Audit, you can run in-depth SEO audits for any webpage at any time and get a report with actionable recommendations and best practices. You can run an audit not just for your own pages and clients' pages, but also prospects' pages and competitors' pages.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Speed
  • Security

Do you want to create an audit report for a prospect just before a meeting, or simply want to check what your competitors are doing? That’s exactly what this tool helps you do.

In SEO Audit, you can generate 2 types of reports:

SEO Audit Illustration

Standard Report, which are one-off reports that are quick to generate and perfect for showing your prospects

Automated Report, which are recurring reports, generated at the frequency of your choice so you decide if you want the report every week, month, or quarter.

You can also monitor the progress of the website over time, with the help of a table and overtime graph that are shown in the report.