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Get the metrics of any site, find keyword ideas, assess the level of difficulty of any keyword and more… right from your browser

Have you ever wished you could do more in less time? Like checking the metrics of a site, finding keyword ideas, assessing the level of difficulty of a keyword… We have! That’s why we created a simple yet very powerful Chrome extension, which lets you perform plenty of actions that you would normally do from our Web app, right from your browser.

For example, you can analyze the metrics of any site or domain on the fly… Let’s imagine you just find out about a new competitor, or are visiting a domain you are considering buying… With our extension, you get key Moz and Majestic metrics, as well as the SERPed Rank, number of backlinks, number of social signals, Similarweb rank and more, with the push of a button!

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You can also use several of our tools, including Keyword Analyzer, to assess the level of difficulty of any keyword, but also Site Explorer, to explore any site or domain in great depth (metrics, backlinks, anchors…), and What Ranks Where, to discover what keywords any site ranks for in Google… all of this, without leaving your browser!

You can also access your favorite tools in our Web app with the click of a mouse, as well as add backlinks to Backlinks Manager, add and manage tasks and notes…

The SERPed.net Chrome extension is a huge time-saver!

Add tracking code and optin forms, automatically hyperlink keywords and much more, in just a few clicks

Do you use WordPress? If you do SEO, chances are you do… That’s why we created our own WordPress plugin that lets you perform plenty of actions, like adding tracking code to your site or blog, automatically hyperlinking keywords, creating content subscriptions and more, right from the WordPress interface.

With our plugin, you can add your posts and pages to Site Manager with the click on a mouse, as well as add your Web Analytics tracking code, so you don’t have to add it to every page you want to track…

You can also easily add optin forms previously created with Site Auditor Pro, to offer a free website audit to your visitors, in exchange for their contact details...

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There is also a module to automatically hyperlink keywords, to either boost your internal linking or better monetize your site or blog with affiliate links, in just a few clicks… and another module to create content subscriptions so your site or blog automatically publishes unique content written by professional writers. A huge time-saver for niche site and blog network owners...

Last but not least… Our plugin can not only automatically update WordPress, but also themes and plugins, for better security… so you can just set and forget!

If you use WordPress, this plugin is a must-have!