Easily Track Your Amazon Rankings & Analyze Your Competition in Just a Few Clicks

Amazon is the largest shopping engine on the planet opening up a world of hundreds of millions of buyers who could potentially be buying your (or your clients') products. Amazon has its own search engine, much like Google, where people go to find products and generally the top returned results are the ones that see clicks and sales. Ranking well in Amazon is vital for the success of your product, and can be the difference between a sale a week and hundreds a day!

'Amazon Tracker' allows you to track your Amazon rankings with ease. All you need to do is to add your (or your clients') products and the keywords you want to track and... That's it. 'Amazon Tracker' takes care of the rest. Our tool will provide you with detailed tables and historical graphs so you can see where the products rank in Amazon for the keywords you added and how their rankings evolve over time.

There is even an add-on that allows you to easily analyze your competition. If you use this add-on, you will be able to see what title they use for their product, their sales rank, what category they placed their product in, as well as their Moz and Social metrics. If you or your clients have products on Amazon, 'Amazon Tracker' is a must!

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