Restore 'Old' Content in Just a Few Clicks & Save Hours of Work

'Content Restorer' is a tool that allows you to recover lost websites with ease. Imagine you lost all the content of a website, or would like to restore the content of an expired domain you acquired... Well, there is a way to restore everything, in just a few clicks! 'Content Restorer' digs into the archive of the Internet, downloads all the files it can find and send them to you in the form of a ZIP file. Then, all you need to do is upload the ZIP file, unzip it and... That's it!

'Content Restorer' digs 3 levels deep of pages (the 1st level being the homepage) and downloads hundreds of files: HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript files, images, PDFs... Up to 500 per file type. Our main competitor charges up to $15 per website. Well... With, it's included in your membership. This is by far the easiest, most affordable way to restore the content of any lost website. 'Content Restorer' takes care of everything for you. There is absolutely no manual work involved.

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