Easily Backup ALL Your Sites & Stop Living in Fear of Losing All Your Data

SERPed.net even comes with a set and forget site backup tool that allows you to automatically back up your sites (cPanel required) so you can stop living in fear of losing all your data overnight. Even if a rocket crashes on the server where your site is hosted, or giant monster eats it, you will be able to retrieve ALL your data: all your files, databases, etc. You can of course back up your own sites, but also the sites of your clients, and charge them for this service...

Your data can automatically be saved every week, every 2 weeks, every month or every 3 months. Not backing up your sites is like driving without insurance. It's fine until comes the day something bad happens. Remember... Better be safe than sorry! Imagine losing all your data, tomorrow... You would lose time and money, a lot of clients, your reputation... Adding a site to 'Site Backups' takes less than a minute. This is a no brainer!

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