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'Social Exchanger' is a tool that brings all members together and allows them to help each other by exchanging social actions including but not limited to: Reviews & Ratings (Amazon product reviews, Google local business reviews), Comments (YouTube comments, FourSquare comments), Questions (Amazon questions), Connect (like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter account), Simple Actions (share/like a Facebook post, tweet/retweet a message) and more.The idea behind 'Social Exchanger' is to team up with other members to achieve your goals. In short, you perform tasks other members created, so you earn points and can create your own tasks that other will perform.

This is pretty much a de-regulated marketplace. It is only limited by your imagination. We also created leaderboards, so the members who created the most tasks and performed the most actions win prizes. We offer monthly prizes, as well as yearly prizes. 'Social Exchanger' will help you reach your SEO goals faster with the help of like-minded members. Remember, you can create pretty much any task you want.

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